Design of a sensor analog frontend for an RFID sensor tag IC using a delta-sigma ADC

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Research field: Integrated sensor systems

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Application deadline: 2024-12-31

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For the measurement of physical quantities, usually, analog sensors are used which provide a proportional voltage signal at the output. At the IMMS, we develop solutions for wireless operation of analog sensors by using the RFID technology. In this way, it is possible to collect measurement data from sensors in areas without electricity supply. The sensor’s supply power is taken exclusively from the electromagnetic field, so there is only a very low amount of energy (about 1µJ per measurement) available for the conversion process. To achieve this, a holistic view of the system and very good circuit design are necessary.

An analog-to-digital converter (ADC) is required to process this measurement data at system level. Depending on the requirements, there are various converter topologies that differ in parameters such as sampling rate, resolution or current consumption. The converter topology based on the delta-sigma principle offers high resolution as well as the advantage of noise shaping which shifts the interfering quantization noise to higher frequencies, thus increasing the signal-to-noise ratio. This makes the delta-sigma ADC particularly suitable for sensor signals with low to medium rates of change.

The objective of this work is to develop a sensor analog frontend for resistive bridge sensors as an integrated CMOS circuit which can be applied in a future RFID tag ASIC. The frontend is to be realized with a delta-sigma ADC. The first task will be detailed literature research, followed by a comparison of various delta-sigma ADC topologies. Afterwards, a suitable frontend architecture is to be worked out and then be implemented in 180nm CMOS technology. Finally, the work shall be compared with an existing frontend design using an SAR-ADC, regarding parameters such as accuracy and current consumption.


  • Familiarization with the topic & literature research
  • Comparison and contrast of different circuit topologies
  • Selection and implementation of a suitable circuit concept in the Cadence design environment
  • Circuit verification with test benches


  • advanced studies in the field of electrical engineering
  • Knowledge of analog circuit technology
  • motivated and self-driven way of working


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